Cleaning Out the Garage

It’s that time of year!  Everyone wants to get things clean and in order as the days grow longer and prettier.  One of the first on everyone’s list is to get the garage cleaned out.  It is amazing how many people have garages and cannot even get a car in them if they tried!  You first need to ask yourself, “whats in here that hasn’t been used since we moved in?”  That question is a tough one but generally speaking, if you haven’t used something in 2 full years, you are not going to.  So get rid of it!

Garage Cleaning

There are two good, efficient ways of cleaning out the garage and getting it done in one day.  The first is to hire a professional junk removal company to remove the items you wish to dispose of.  Don’t worry about what’s trash, donatable, or recyclable- let the professionals handle that part so you can concentrate on the task at hand- What goes and what stays pointing at items and moving on to the next.

Another option for a big garage clean out would be to rent a small dumpster.  They come in various sizes depending on your need but they can be the catch-all for your cleaning project.  Have it dropped right outside of the garage door and proceed to fill it up as you go through the shelves, corners and cubbies of the garage.  One last thing, if there is room left in the dumpster when your done, start on the basement or attic!

Disposing of Refrigerated Appliances

Everyone owns them, everyone needs them, and they never last forever.  In fact the newer model refrigerated appliances are breaking and failing at an extremely fast rate due to a variety of reasons.  The main reason is the appliances made in the last decade are made of materials that are blended for a more cost effective solution in manufacturing.  The manufacturers are the only ones winning at this game because the faster their product breaks, the faster the consumer has to run out and purchase another.

Residential Junk Removal

So what do you do with that old broken refrigerator, freezer, A/C unit, or even dehumidifier (yes they’re refrigerated too)?  You cannot just put them out with your curbside trash because they have to be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.  When disposing of these items you can bring them to the county landfill yourself, wait in line and kill half the day just to pay the $25 recycling fee at the end.  Another option is to hire a professional junk removal company to remove them from within your home and let them handle the rest.  This will generally cost anywhere from $100-$150/unit but its as close to magic as possible-all you have to do is point and they disappear!

Why Do People Hire Junk Removal Services?

Why Do People Hire Junk Removal Services?

People hire junk removal services for a number of reasons but the common theme always seems to be they have items that need to be hauled away and need someone to do it- and usually fast!  One of the biggest reasons people hire a junk removal company is because they are moving or preparing their home to sell.  Whether you have lived in your home for 5 years or 50 years, everyone has a way of accumulating unwanted things.  Everyone has good intentions with these “things” too, holding onto them for years and shuffling them around from one corner to the next before shoving them in a closet somewhere.  Once someone makes the decision to move, it sheds a new light on these things and the general school of thought is, “it’s time to clean out!”

Another very common reason for people hiring a junk removal service would be general spring cleaning or hauling away unwanted yard waste.  Junk crews all over the nation go into overdrive every spring hauling away the contents of people’s sheds, patios, outbuildings, as well as tons of backyard debris.  As soon as the weather gets nice and we have those first few warm days everyone goes into spring cleaning mode.

Junk Removal Service

When considering hiring a junk removal company for your next project, make sure you do your research and hire a professional company who is licensed and insured and who will take the proper precautions in insuring your home and property is well cared for throughout the removal process.  Also, don’t forget to double check the area before they leave to make sure you haven’t forgotten to give them anything!

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to purge your junk and get more organized?

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to purge your junk and get more organized?

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to purge your junk and get more organized?

Now that the new year is upon us and everyone makes resolutions some want to get organized and purge their junk. Others may just want to have a simpler life and live without all the unnecessary stuff.  Regardless, tackling it can be so overwhelming that just leaving the stuff in boxes or just taking it all to a dumpster seems, well, easier.

4 Easy Ways to get rid of junk – purging is always the first way of getting organized:

  1. Trash? Take it to the dump. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, if it’s trash get rid of it! Simply take it to the landfill and please, don’t abandon it where it doesn’t belong. If you need help hauling it there are companies that specialize in junk removal.
  2. Get donations picked up for you. Some charities nationwide are willing to make an appointment to swing by your house and grab your donations Loudoun Blue Ridge Hospice thrift shore, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanityjust to name a few. Search Google to find out what local places will pick up your things for you. You can always call your local junk removal service as well as see if they take the time to separate donations.
  3. Drop off donations yourself. You probably have thrifts store that will happily take your donations nearby. Income from many of these stores support our community directly. Items that the thrift stores can’t sell are often gifted to families in need.
  4. Sell items. While certainly not the easiest way to get rid of junk, there are some ways to make some money off your unwanted stuff that’s easier than listing it online and waiting for someone to show-up. You can use a service like ThredUp, which allows you to simply mail them items they may accept for consignment and give them permission to donate the things they don’t want. ThredUp helps you to reduce, reuse, recycle your closet.

Now that you have removed some junk let’s get organized – 15 simple ways to get started:

  1. Repurpose vessels already kicking around the house. Dip trays work great for storing small accessories like rings and hair ties.
  2. A few “S” hooks can wrangle all your belts
  3. Storage trunks are as handy as they are stylish
  4. Use pillowcases to store sheets (match the sheet sets inside the pillowcases)
  5. Group items by task – Keep all the items you need for a specific daily task, like making coffee, on a single tray. You’ll suddenly have a tidy counter.
  6. Use jars to organize dried goods Wire baskets are great for storing produce that needs air like potatoes and onions.
  7. Custom utensil holders will buy you more space
  8. Hang pots on the wall or from the ceiling
  9. Wire baskets look great on the wall. Use them as shelves to store extra towels or toilet paper.
  10. A magnetic strip goes a long way
  11. Stick it to the inside of a cabinet door to hang tweezers, nail scissors and files.
  12. Decorative baskets do wonders on the floor
  13. No closet storage? Keep clean towels and toilet paper concealed in a pretty basket.
  14. Use a shoe organizer to hold boring bathroom supplies. Out of sight, out of mind! Hang one on the inside of a closet door for toiletry refills and bathroom cleaning products to free up counter and cabinet space.
  15. Keep loose papers all in one place

Used Furniture

Used Furniture

It is no secret that getting rid of a used furniture can be difficult especially when it is damaged, torn, or stained. It can be frustrating to think about the fact that you once paid good money for a piece of furniture that now seems to be of no interest to you or anyone else.

So, what can you do with your used furniture?

  1. Hold a Garage Sale

While it is difficult to sell used furniture, it is not impossible but, it does depend on the condition of the piece. Only consider selling if it is in reasonable shape. Here's a good way to gauge the condition: if the tables were turned, would you want to buy it?

If it is a sofa that your trying to sell and it is in good enough shape, get it cleaned professionally. It will sell more easily.

  1. Place the Furniture in a Rummage Sale

Consider placing your used furniture in a church, community center, or school rummage sale. Your participation could be limited to hauling it there, which eliminates any worry about organizing a sale on your own.

  1. Place an Ad Online

There are numerous online resources that can help you get rid of your used sofa. Craigslist, eBay, and and Facebook yard sales and market place and Loudoun County upscale resale are some of them. You can try either selling it or giving it away for free.

Don't forget to mention whether you will deliver, or whether the buyer will be responsible for pick up.

  1. Old Sofas for New

Some stores will take your old couch if you are buying a new one from them. It's always worth asking.

  1. Pass it On

Ask friends and family if they have any use for your used sofa. Chances are someone might, especially if they are heading to college soon.

  1. Advertise to College Students

If you live in a college town, college students might be your best takers. Students are always looking for furniture that is cheap or free.

  1. Donate to a Charity

Charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity Restore or Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift store may be eager to take your furniture off your hands. Most charities will arrange a pick-up from your home and even give you a tax receipt.

You may also consider donating to a shelter for the homeless, your local theater, or school.

  1. Re-purpose Your Furniture

Reuse the furniture in a different way than it was intended to be used for.  You can use the internet to find millions of ideas on Pinterest, DIY, HGTV and multiple magazines and articles.  Here a few links with some ideas:

  1. Have Your Used Furniture Hauled Away

Try everything you can to prevent any furniture from going to a landfill, but if your furniture is badly damaged and beyond repair, have it hauled away. Consult your city before you dispose of it on your own.