Furniture Pickup

Call Pack Rat Hauling for all of your furniture disposal needs! Are you moving, and don’t want to bring your old furniture? Are you upgrading from that old raggedy couch? Whether you have only one piece you want to dispose, or have rooms full of furniture to donate, we can help!

We will show up at your door, and move everything for you. All you have to do is tell what what to remove, and we’ll do all the work! We either donate or recycle the majority of the furniture we haul away. We will take anything that is in decent condition to either Habitat for Humanity or another local charity, and responsibly dispose of the rest. With us, your old furniture will likely find a new life in someone else’s home!

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So how can we help you? It would be an honor to provide residential junk removal in your home. Call us at 540.454.0415, or contact us through our contact page to get a quote. If you’re ready to schedule a pickup, choose a time slot through the button below!

Ask for our website special $100 Pick-Up Deal!

We will come to your location and pick up one item for disposal or donation.